Our Services

Our Services

We are a friendly team to work with and we are always working with our clients to make the most of the resources available. We work within a price budget so you can have an effective level of work at a affordable price.

We can be hired in to complete a project, tweak a project or start a new project. We can currently specialise in the following: iPhone and iPad apps; Website Development; Website Management. We can create iPhone applications, websites and web based applications from beginning to end including concept, design and development.


Our Process - Concept

We work closely with you to understand your problem and what is required to develop your application we can have face to face meetings and follow up over the phone to define the solution to build

We take time to get to know your product or service so we can create the best app for you. Once we have agreed the app flow and specifciation we start development

Design & Build

Our Process - Design & Build

Throughout the design and build of the application we provide updates to the client continuously and get feedback right away to make sure we are building the correct solution.

We give all customers access to our development project boards so they can see progress and raise feedback when we release a new test build. Upon successful testing between the client and OKD we prepare the app ready for release


Our Process - Release

Once the app is polished and ready for release, we will work with you and your team to prepare any marketing requirements to publish on the App Store.

We will make sure the process is smooth as possible and manage all aspects of the release. After release we stay close for the next few months to ensure its running as planned and your customers are happy